Weekly Challenge #257: “Guest Post – Oooh Shiny!”

This weeks diva challenge is a guest post from Amy Broady, CZT™ from Knoxville, Tenneessee, USA. She challenged us to make our tangled work shine! Or gleam.
So I decided to draw on iridescent acrylic color, which I painted on an really nice and heavy structured handmade paper. I thought it would shine more when the paper is not too smooth and it worked out great, the paper looks really deep gold and shiny. But since the paper has so much structure ist was not that easy to draw the lines of the tangles on it, sometimes my micron pen jumped a little bit to the left or right into a hole or just like the paper wanted him to. So that is also the reason why the black strokes are sometimes a little darker and sometimes a little lighter, the acrylic paint liked to swallow some of the black color. But thats totally okay, if  I use handmade paper I know that paper will somehow lead me it doesn’t care about my idea where I want the strokes, that makes it much more interesting.
 I used a lot of tangles for the first time. So I had a lot of fun making my tangle work shine!
Thanks for that lovely challenge.

Weekly Challenge #256: “DuoTangle: Boo*Kee/Artoo”

Diese Woche hat die Diva uns eingeladen ein DuoTangle zu kreieren, in dem wir ausschließlich die beiden Tangle Boo*Kee und Artoo benutzen, zwei tangles die Laura nach ihren Söhnen benannt hat. Beide Tangles waren neu für mich und so habe ich sie zum ersten Mal benutzt. Ich finde sie passen fantastisch zusammen genau der richtige Mix aus Gegensatz und Harmony, was ich ja sehr mag. Da gestern seit Wochen die Sonne mal wieder schien und ich diese kurz beim gärtnern geniessen konnte, hatte ich das Bedürfnis dem Tile ein ein bisschen Farbe einzuhauchen – Frühlingsgefühle:)

This “weeks diva challenge # 256 “ , the diva asked us to create a DuoTangle using only the two tangles Boo*Kee and Artoo which are named after Lauras’s two boys. Both tangles where new to me. I think they fit perfectly together, its is just the right mix between contrast and harmony. Yesterday we had the first time after weeks a mostly sunny day and I was gardening a little bit and it felt like the spring is coming, so I used some light colors for my tangle to give a little bit of that springtime-feeling to it.

“Narwal” for Square One: Purely Zentangle on Facebook


pattern: narval, dyon

Und dann habe ich noch die Facebook-Gruppe “Square One: Purely Zentangle” auf Facebook für mich entdeckt. Hier geht es darum ganz Basic ein weisses Original -Tile 3.5″ x 3.5″ zu benutzen, einen schwarzen Micron und zum Schattieren einen Bleistift – nichts anderes. Grossartig! Diese Woche das Tangle “Narwal”, auch neu für mich und auch gleich zu meinen Favoriten gewandert!

While looking to the other entries from the diva challenge attendees I found the Facebookgroup Square One: Purely Zentangle. Here is is all about the basics using nothing more than a 3.5″ x 3.5″ paper tile, pen and pencil. Awesome! This weeks tangle is “Narwal”, also a new tangle for me which just got to my favorites.

Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks for all that nice an kind comments!

Ghosts of Tangles Past

Phew, this “weeks challenge # 255 “ was really challenging to me. The Diva invited us to recreate a tile from our past, so we can see how our style has changed, hopefully increased. I think that is a great challenge idea, mostly for those who are tangling quite a long time, but Laura encourage also the ones who are tangling just for a few month, because even than it is interesting to see some growth.

Well, I have to admit that I was a little scared to start. I took my first tile from the 9th of September 2015, which is not such a long time ago. I participated on the challenge #238 “UMT – Tri-bee by Beate Winkler, CZT”. I remembered that I was really excited doing my first tile and since it was the first one I really had no expectations, I just started without having anything in my mind. No that is not completely right, the thing I had in my mind was ,this is my first try tangling a tile, it is okay when something comes out that I am not pleased with. I don‘t have to be perfect I am just starting with something new. So I draw my string with half closed eyes, just like my hands leaded me. Then I started one stroke at a time, I made little “mistakes” on shattuck, but it was okay for me. When finishing my tile I was so amazed and surprised how beautiful it came out. I really liked it.

the string

the string

Now I am sitting in front of an empty tile, in my mind the expectation to see a growth after recreating, also knowing that tangling is about not having any expectations in the result. Then I was thinking about how to recreate and I decided first to recreate the String – luckily I had taken a picture of it. I wrote the name of the tangles I had used in the spaces of the string copy and turned my original tangle upside down.


Okay, still sitting in front of that tile not daring to start. Then I had the idea not to recreate on a white tile but on a renaissance tile (which is a fake tile, meaning noch the original, because I could‘t get it here in germany, the fake-one is darker an the paper quality not that good). Since I haven’t only once or twice tangled on a renaissance tile and never really liked the outcome I thought, that will be a challenge without the direct comparison. I felt much better and started tangling.

Sometimes I cheated a little bit by turning the original tile and looking at it, but my husband saw that and while he stopped by he just took the tile and went away with it – well, than 😉 Since I don‘t have the microns for renaissance tiles I experienced a little with other fineliners and colors and polychromes. I had a lot of fun and I wasn’t caught anymore in my mind, thinking about recreating something greater than before.

I am satisfied with the result, but I am more pleased with my solution how to handle that challenge to feel comfortable but also challenged.

So in the end for me I see the growth more in how I handled the situation, that to see a growth in my tangling style. Which is very good for me, since I started tangling tiles 5 month ago. For me Zentangle® is more a method to relax and to let got my perfectionism and my high expectations towards myself, which always pressures me. Well I also love to have a beautiful result, but with Zentangle® I learned to enjoy and appreciate more the creating without judging than the final outcome.

Now I am curious see the tiles of the other participants.
Such a fantastic challenge! Thanks to Laura Harms.

And thanks to all to that leave so kind comments on my blog, I really appreciate it.


This “weeks challenge # 254 “ is about creating a tangle for Valentine.

Yesterday evening on Valentines Day I felt so “yin and yang” , so I tangled on a round tile. I started with the Aura-Leah tangle in heart shape in the middle, used Phicops and Ovy for the dots. The black yin is covered with lilypads und in the white yang are growing some heart shaped pokeroots.

I have to admit, that since here in Germany Valentines Day turned out to be more a day for consumption than for caring I am a little bit annoyed. It seems like everybody expects at least flowers that day or even bigger presents. And a lot people even don‘t know anything about the real meaning of Valentines Day, they just know it from the commercials. Certainly I don’t know if it is the same in other Countrys.

But creating something like that Valentangle is something that comes from the heart, so thank you Laura for letting people know that there is much more than only consumption on this day!

Love to everyone and have a great new week.

New Tangle: Molygon

This week  Zentangle® HQ released the newest tangle Molygon.

So this “weeks challenge # 253 “ is having fun with Molygon. And it really is fun, there are so many possilities to play with. You can tangle Molygon endless and fill the shape with beautiful and simple, or complex and wild other patterns.

I tried to tangle on a “fake” renaissance tile, because the original renaissance tiles from Zentangle® are not so easy to get in Germany. It really makes a difference, the paper isn’t that nice than the original. So I am not that pleased with the outcome, but it is okay I can do a lot more Molygon 🙂

So welcome Molygon!!

String Theory: Tangle within a tangle… it’s like inception… but with tangles

This “weeks challenge # 252 “  any tangle I like is my string. And then tangling inside! I knew pretty fast what tangle my string should be – I used Rain. Now the weird thing about it: when I started to tangle and looked at other tangles for inspiration I always admired those round and soft most floral like tiles, there where so well balanced and beautiful to me and I always thought yes that is the way I want to tangle and create my tiles. But the more I tangled and the more pattern I got to know, I really started to like the patterns that are geometric and edged. I love the contrast between the rounded patterns and the edged patterns. I still love those floral looking tiles but I guess my style tends more so those edged look with mostly some more white space.

It is great to see how things develop while tangling, and who knows what my tiles look like next year, the possibilities are nearly endless! Isn’t that fantastic?!

I used rain for my string, and the inside-tangles are Knightsbridge, Paradox, Strircles and Ornamato and I am very pleased with my tile.

Great idea! Thanks Laura for that challenge.

“Bringing it Back to the Old School”

I really love love love this “weeks challenge # 250 “. This is exactly the challenge I appreciate and need an  right now.
It is about creating a original Zentangle® on a white 3.5 ”square tile, drawing a string and using about 4 or 5 tangles, the black Micron and a Pencil for shading. No eraser, unknown outcome and no predetermined solution. Just relaxing and enjoying the process.

The Diva writes: Sometimes, it stresses me out to think of all the things i should be *TRYING*. […] When i begin a tile for a challenge, now i think: “What size should i use? What colour? What pen? What shape?” and i often find myself skipping over that ceremony of zentangle that helped me find my calm space.

YES, I know exactly what you mean. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Well, since I have lots and lots of work right now, I was really glad that this challenge was so relaxing. I was really thinking about skipping this weeks challenge. But when I finally knocked off work at 9:30 PM I decided to take part and create a tangle. It was a great idea, I was so relaxed and all tensions removed and I could go to sleep free minded!

So thank you Diva, this challenge came just in the right time:)

Oh and not to forget to mention, I am very pleased with that outcome.

And I really want to thank everybody for the lovely comments on my blog.
I would really like to thank more individually, but right now I am so glad when I have a little time not being on my computer.

Have a nice weekend!


“DuoTangle: Celebrate with Diva Dance and Auraknot”

A wonderful start in this new year for everyone!

The first diva challenge of the year  “weeks challenge # 249 ”  is a 5-years-The Diva’s weekly Challenge-duotangle-celebration-challenge.

CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you so much!

 I love love love to use the tangles Auraknot and Diva Dance, because they are both one of my most favourite tangles. 

So thanks a lot to the Diva for the challenge AND for the Diva Dance!


pattern: Ennies by Zentangle®, Rixty by Zentangle®, Cack by Adele Bruno.

“Guest Post: Monotangle Trees”

This weeks challenge # 246  is a guest post from Dilip Patel the first CZT from India. Dilip and his wife Malathi are one of the rare CZT couples in the world.  I really love this challenge, maybe that is the reason why my Monotangle-Trees run a little out of control and have gone wild:)

The challenge is about creating a Monotangle Tree, so having a whole Zentangle® – Forest with all the trees. What a great idea, that will give a lot of power to the environment.

A single collective directed thought is all it takes to change the world.
Lynne McTaggart

I love nature, and there is a reason why we call it Mother earth! So everyone should show respect and care about. I get most of my creative ideas from trees, they have so many different faces and can tell me so much stories. I go for a walk through the forest almost everyday enjoying every breath.

Well, my tangle made a little bit its one way. I actually just started my mono tangle trees one a light colored background, that was my plan. But somehow my trees had another plan, and some hours and layers of paint later it had a complete different look. So it turned out a ZIA, not my planned Monotangle. I hope that is okay for that challenge. Sometimes my emotions overrun my mind, which I really appreciate, so I am pleased with my outcome, even though I have the feeling, it is not finally done, but it is for this moment.

So thank you Dilip Patel for that inspiring Challenge and thanks to the Diva making it possible.


“Back to Basics – Hollibough”

This weeks challenge # 245  is to use the pattern “Hollibough” – see step outs  here.

While I started tangling, my husband was looking if the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing-Event is on, which is the Hawaiin Pro contest and the finals of the Championship Tour that takes place from November 12th until December 20th. Unfortunatily is was lay-day.

We like watch to surfcontest, since we mostly have not enough time to go surfing regularly. Since the last years it is limited to surfing on holidays. So I tangled my Hollibough pattern- which I really like and use very often. I thought of having some flowers in my tangle, so I used “Blooming Butter” designed by Michele Beauchamp, CTZ®. I love that pattern it is so cheerful. When I finished my tangle I added some color to Blooming Butter with my markers and some aquarell to Hollibough.

I looked at my ZIA and I started grining, we were not watching surfing on Hawaii, but now we had hawaiin feeling on my tangle. So I decided to put the word “aloha” on my tangle and since I mostly have a connotation by looking at things I suddenly remembered the book “Thoughts by the Ocean” written by Sergio Bambarén I read about 9 years ago. I really love surfing and I am actually not very good in it. Nevertheless when I am in the ocean it is so much easier for me to be in the “here and now” and to be mindful. But if there comes a wave, I have waited so much for,  I am often too anxious not to be able to handle the situation and instead of catching the wave I let her pass by. Who ever have been in the ocean knows the capriciousness and power of the ocean. However even things I could handle, if I had a little bit more self-confindence in my abilities, frighten me so much that I rather pass a nice wave then having a marvelous ride. The weird thing about it – even though I go out surfing, loving it. Maybe that is my challenge.

Well, the book. So about this 9  years ago, when I was alone in Denmark surfing with my much-loved VW-Surfing-Bus I read the book “Thouhts by the Ocean”. there was one little passage I immadiatly wrote down and pint it over my campingbed.

Should I leave? Was it foolish to attempt such a dangerous set?
Then I hear a voice that always comes to me in moments of trouble:

“Shaun, do not let fear stand in the way of your dreams …. ”

Peace fills my soul and I am no longer afraid. I won’t let fear stand in the way of my dreams! […]

What if…. And I finally understand that these “What if’s” are only in my head. I am confronted by choices every day: in my realstionships, in my job, what food to eat ot what shirt to wear. I now unterstand the importance of making choices without fear; not letting the “what if’s” stand in my way. Now the “what if..?” sleeps tucked away in a little corner of my mind, as it should.

And actually I really had forgotten about it until I looked at my tangle. But now I am so thankful that I have it back in my mind and I am looking forward to read that book again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week!


“Back to Basics – Hollibough” (deutsch)

In dieser wöchentlichen challenge # 245  geht es darum, das Pattern Hollibough” zu nutzen.

Während ich anfing zu tanglen schaute mein Mann, ob der Vans Triple Crown of Surfing-Event statt findet, der als Finale der Championship Tour des Surfens vom 12. November bis 12. Dezember auf Hawaii ausgetragen wird. Leider war aufgrund der Wellenbedingungen “lay-day”, also kein Surfen.

Wir schauen gerne Surfcontests, vor allem seit wir kaum noch selber zum Surfen kommen, die letzen Jahre beschränkte sich unser surfen fast nur noch auf die viel zu wenigen Urlaube. Also tangelte ich mein Hollibough Pattern, das ich sehr mag und auch oft und gerne in meinen Tangles benutze. Ein florales Pattern würde prima dazu passen, dachte ich mir, und entschied mich für „Blooming Butter“ entworfen von Michele Beauchamp, CTZ®. Ich mag das Pattern, weil es so fröhlich ist. Nachdem ich mein Tangle fertig hatte fügte ich noch Farbe hinzu – Blooming Butter wurde mit Markern koloriert und Hollibough bekam einen Aquarellanstrich.

Dann schaute ich auf mein ZIA und musste grinsen, wenn wir schon nicht surfen auf Hawaii schauen konnten, hatte ich nun ein wenig Hawaii-Feeling in meinem Tangle. Deswegen entschied ich mich noch ein Aloha zu platzieren.

Da ich oft plötzliche Assoziationen oder Eingebungen habe wenn ich Dinge betrachte, kam mir plötzlich das Buch von Sergio Bambaren “Die Botschaft des Meeres – Was die Wellen dir erzählen”  in den Sinn, dass ich vor 9 Jahren gelesen hatte. Ich surfe wirklich gerne, obwohl ich kein wirklich guter Surfer bin. Doch wenn ich auf dem Meer sitze dann bin ich achtsam und es ist leichter im Hier und Jetzt zu sein. Dennoch wenn eine Welle kommt- auf die ich ja eigentlich gewartet habe – habe ich plötzlich Angst, dass ich der Situation nicht gewachsen bin. Und wer schon mal im Meer war, weiss wie unberechenbar es sein kann und welche Kraft es hat. Trotzdem, selbst wenn ich diese Situation bewältigen könnte – mit ein wenig mehr Selbstvertrauen in meine Fähigkeiten – bin ich zu ängstlich und lasse die Welle auf die ich so lange gewartet habe an mir vorbeiziehen anstelle auf ihr mit Freude zu surfen. Irgendwie eine komische Sache – dennoch paddel ich  immer wieder raus auf das Meer surfen. Vielleicht ist das meine Herausforderung.

Das Buch. So vor 9 Jahren als ich ein Wochenende alleine in Dänemark surfen war mit meinen geliebten selbstausgebauten Bus habe ich das Buch “Die Botschaft des Meeres” gelesen. Abgesehen davon, dass es ein grossartiges Buch ist, gab es eine kleine Passage, die ich sofort abschrieb und über mein Campingbett hängte:

… Wäre es nicht pure Dummheit, hier draussen zu bleiben, in dieser gefährlichen Situation?
Und dann hörte ich eine Stimme, die mir in schwierigen Momenten immer geholfen hat:

“Shaun, lass dich nicht von deinen Ängsten daran hindern, deine Träume wahr zu machen!”

Ein innerer Frieden breitet sich in meiner Seele aus. Auf einmal fürchte ich mich nicht mehr. Ich werde mich nicht von meinen Ängsten daran hindern lassen, meine Träume wahr zu machen. […]

Was wäre gewesen, wenn …. Und ich begreife was es mit diesen Worten auf sich hat: Was wäre, wenn… Sie existieren nicht, nicht wirklich, es gibt sie nur in deinem Kopf. Aber eines ist sicher. Im Alltag stehe ich ständig vor Entscheidungen – in meiner Beziehung, bei der Arbeit, bei allem, was ich tue. Und jetzt weiss ich, wie wichtig es ist, dass meine Entscheidungen sich nicht nur auf Ängsten gründen, die nur in meinem Kopf existieren, sondern die Freiheit, die daraus entspringt, dass ich mein Leben mit eigenen Augen betrachte und das “Was wäre, wenn” nicht zwischen mich und denjenigen treten lasse, der ich sein will, sondern das tue, was mein inneres Selbst mir sagt.
Und das “Was wäre, wen”? Das schlummert, warm eingepackt, in einem kleinen Winkel meiner Seele – und da sollte es auch sein.

Ich hatte wirklich nicht mehr an dieses wundervolle Buch mit seinen viele Weisheiten gedacht, bis ich auf mein Tangle geschaut habe und es mir plötzlich wieder in den Sinn kam, warum auch immer. Dafür bin ich dankbar und freue mich darauf es nochmals zu lesen.

Vielen Dank für Euren Besuch auf meiner Seite!