Weekly Diva Challenge #242

“New Official Tangle: Gourdgeous”


Zentangle® released their new official tangle “Gourdgeous” in their newsletter –see the step outs here. So this weeks diva challenge – using Gourdgeous. I was in the mood tangling a little larger and try something new. So I bought some pastel cryons, actually an art medium I am not familiar with and in fact it doesn’t really fit to me. But somehow I had the idea of Gourdgeous being in a warm and earthy atmosphere that fits to thanksgiving. So I choose a brown paper and tried to tangle with the pastel cryons. Since I had no idea how to use them  I just put this powdered pigment somehow on my sheet and started to “paint” with my fingers! that is fun! It was great to sence the rough paper and the  smooth powder.

So thanks for that challenge and welcome gourdgeous!


Weekly Diva Challenge #241


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  • Yes, that is quite a warm welcome for Gourdgeous! I love it! Your gourds are especially nice.

    9. November 2015
  • Annemarie

    Wow, this is really STUNNING!. I love the tangles you used and the composition. Love the way it seems to come out of the paper.

    9. November 2015
  • Ulrike B

    oh wow, this is awesome, very very nice

    9. November 2015