Weekly Diva Challenge #241

„Stones and Ceremony“

When I read this challenge on Monday evening just bevor going to bed, I was so excited that I actually couldn’t sleep! Since I was on a very special sculpting-workshop in Denmark with a small group of really lovely and inspiring people, I am so fascinated by stones and there magical power. The workshop happened at a place with a high energy level and we were sculpturing cosmograms. Because it is really difficult for me to describe this concept of earth healing an geomancy  in own words in English here a small extract from Marko Pogačnik’s website:

GEOPUNCTURE CIRCLES is an art-of-life project based upon the experience of lithopuncture and the knowledge of the universal language called “language of the cosmograms”.

Lithopuncture is a method of ecological healing, through which positioning of stones on acupuncture points of the given landscape is combined with the language of cosmograms and the holistic awareness of the Earth as an autonomous and multidimensional microcosm.

Language of cosmograms is an effort to develop such a language that can be perceived not just by humans but also by other beings that do not have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Language of cosmograms is a pictorial language, sometimes a form of body language and always an energy emanating language.

When I read Paula Bramante’s statement:

I love Zentangle because it has nothing to do with verbal language. I also love it, paradoxically, because it has given me another language, a visual language, that allows me to communicate feelings and concepts long hidden since childhood.

the first thought that crossed my mind – I wanted to be at an energy place and give some of that zentangle language to that „stone-personalities“ that are part of the energetic network of the vitalities of landscape.

I decided to make a day off (one of the great benefits beeing my own chef) and going on a excursion. My destination: Noer, a bay at the baltic sea, which is a very energetic place for me. So I packed my bag with my pens, I found three pens that should work on stones, some tea and blanket. Of course I had a companion, Anny my lovely Retriever.

So here my trip starts on an awsome sunny autmn day!


Mostly I have to ferry across the Northsea and Balticsea canal in order to get somewhere, I really love it! When other people have cars coming from left or right while standing at the crossroads I have hudge containerships crossing. So when we arrived at the sea, we searched for a place with good energy and settled down with all the equipment. Anny and I went on the search for stones to build our cairn. We had quite a lot choice of stones here.


Now I could start tangling the stones at this wonderful place, it was so meditative. The sea gave us an atmospheric sound and the dune grasses where softly bowing in the calm wind. Since it was during the week, we where all by ourselfes with the nature. Anny fell asleep on my leg, while I was tangling.


Almost 3 hours I stayed at this place, tangling, drinking tea, staring at the sea and building my tangle-cairn! I was so pleased with that place and my time spending here.

So here is my Diva Challenge #241 tangle-cairn:


Thank you Diva Challenge #241  and Paula Bramante for that challenge that brought me and Anny such an fantastic and inspiring day!