Weekly Diva Challenge #238

„UMT – Tri-bee by Beate Winkler, CZT“

I already follow the Weekly Diva Challenge for a while and now it is the first time I take part. So here is my first „Weekly Diva Challenge“-tile. I had so much fun with Tri-bee. When I finished my tile, I was so pleased. Tri-bee made me think of my dahlia in the garden, which I really love because they are so joyful.

After I finished my tile and before I went to sleep, I had suddenly a picture in my mind – Tri-bee with an auraknot in the background. Well, I tried to ignore that picture, because one of the things I appreciate on the Zentangle®- Methode is not to have preconceived ideas or expectations of the final result. But now with this idea in my mind I was lost – I had to realize it.

So I did! And certainly it didn’t work out, I wasn’t pleased with that outcome at all. It just didn’t look like what I had in mind.

I guess it was really important for me to make that experience! „Only“ knowing about something  is too theoretical for me, I have to sense it in praxis. Happy with that new awareness I draw another tile without pictures in my mind and without expectations, just one stroke at a time and I got rewarded with another tile I am really happy with!

Thank you challenge # 238 for this experience and awerness:)

Experience is ever life’s mistress. Johann Wolfgang Goethe