Mandala – the Zentangle way

I love drawing Zandalas. There are many possibilties, you can either draw just freehand without a string, which I mostly do, or you can create a string to create a structured Zendala. For this Zendala I used one of the beautiful strings created  by Erin Koetz Olson for the Zendala Dare Challenges. I already tangled this Zendala just before christmas as an gift for my parents-in-law as a part of a dream catcher I created.


Weekly Challenge #279: “Duotangle Meer vs Auraknot”

Ein Duotangle mit zwei offiziellen Tangles die ich sehr gerne nutze, daher habe ich gestern bei einem Glas Wein gleich losgelegt mit der Challenge #279 für diese Woche. Jetzt habe ich einen kleinen Auraknot-Meer-Baum, der ist aus einem “Fehler” entstanden ist – da ist er wieder einer der Grundsätze – es gibt keine Fehler, nur Möglichkeiten. Ist doch schön wenn man das nicht nur weiss und sagt, sondern auch immer wieder mal erfährt.

Eine der Linien die nun die Mitte des Stammes bildet hatte ich schon gezeichnet, und dann dachte ich, ach ne wie doof, wo will ich eigentlich hin mit der Linie, ganz blöder Strich – als ich den zeichnete war der Strich oben. In diesem Moment hatte ich das Gefühl das Zendala gerät aus seiner Balance.

Aber ich habe Strich erstmal Strich sein lassen und weitergetangelt, am Ende habe ich das Muster Meer aus dem Zendala hinauslaufen lassen, weil ich einfach nicht wusste wohin mit dem Strich. Erschwerend kommt hinzu das bei der Duotangle Challenge auch nur die beiden Tangles benutzt werden, also keine Möglichkeit sich mit einem weiteren Tangle zu behelfen. Naja okay hab ich gedacht…es ist so wir es ist…und dann hab ich das kleine Werk genommen und gedreht und…tata… ein hübscher kleiner Baum. Vielleicht sollte auch ich mich öfter mal  auf dem Kopf drehen, um die Dinge aus einer anderen Perspektive zu betrachten – mal schauen was dann daraus so wird!

Allen eine schöne Woche und viel Spass beim Kopfstehen.

Weekly Challenge #279: “Duotangle Meer vs Auraknot” (english)

A Duotangel with two tangles I really like to use, so I started yesterday evening this Challenge #279 right away. Now I got a little Auraknot-Meer-Tree, which actually is the result of making a “mistake” – so here we are – there are NO Mistakes, only opportunities. Isn’t it great not only knowing ans saying that, but also experience it once in a while.

I allready hat drawn on of the strokes One, which now is the middle of the tree trunk, an I thought, oh no what a stupid stroke, where do I wanted to go with it. When I drew this Stroke, it was in the top of the Zendala. In this Moment I felt, that my Tangle gets out of balane.

Ignoring this stroke and I kept on tangling. In the end I just let Meer going out of the Zendala tile, because I just didn’t know what to do with this stroke. Well, it is as it is, I thought and took the Zendala and turned it upside down and…tata… a lovely little tree! Maybe I should turn myself more often upside down, to see how things will look like from that different perspektive!

Have a nice Week you all and have fun being upside-down:)



This “weeks challenge # 254 “ is about creating a tangle for Valentine.

Yesterday evening on Valentines Day I felt so “yin and yang” , so I tangled on a round tile. I started with the Aura-Leah tangle in heart shape in the middle, used Phicops and Ovy for the dots. The black yin is covered with lilypads und in the white yang are growing some heart shaped pokeroots.

I have to admit, that since here in Germany Valentines Day turned out to be more a day for consumption than for caring I am a little bit annoyed. It seems like everybody expects at least flowers that day or even bigger presents. And a lot people even don‘t know anything about the real meaning of Valentines Day, they just know it from the commercials. Certainly I don’t know if it is the same in other Countrys.

But creating something like that Valentangle is something that comes from the heart, so thank you Laura for letting people know that there is much more than only consumption on this day!

Love to everyone and have a great new week.


Pattern: Fengle, Dragonair. Snail, Coral-Seeds

In this weeks Zendala Dare Challenge #116  the template was pretty different from the last ones I did, it offert a lot more space. But since I wrote a long article about “space and emptiness” this week, it fits very well in this week for me. The last Zendalas I tangled, where pretty detailed and also still a little topsy-turvy. So this time I tried to leave more space and using not too much different patterns. Well, I am really pleased with that outcome, I like that it is different to the other ones I did before. For this Zendala I used very nice hand-made paper in creme and for colouring I used Polychromos. I still have to get used to them and pracetise shading. But I like the polochromos on that beautiful paper. They fit very well together and I like experimenting with all those different materials. And most of all I really love tangling Zendalas!

This is Erin’s lovely template she chose this week, and I really love the Zendala she created and the way it turned out! You can see it here – and also all the other fantastic Zendalas that have been created this week!


template created by Erin Koetz Olson, CZT®

So looking forward to Tuesday!

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It’s easy to give Thanks when your doing it Zendala style!
writes Erin Koetz Olson, CZT about this weeks challenge. So this weeks extra ist to only use tangles that start with the letters T-H-A-N-K-S.

The tangles I used:

T – Tipple by Zentangle®
H – Hollibaugh by Zentangle®
A –  Angel Fish by Marizaan van Beek, CZT®
N – Neit-Lite by Annette Plaga-Lodde
K – Kozy by Marieke van Nimwegen
S –  Scrumble by Jane Monk’s, , CZT®

So November is the time for thanksgiving in USA ans Canada which is similar to our Erntedankfest in Germany. With the Erntedankfest everyone shall be reminded in gratefulness to the crop of agriculture and garden and also that it is not only in the hand of human to have enough food. Crop donations will be shared with the deserving poor an homeless people.So where ever we live and however we are celebrating. It is about THANKS to the EARTH.

We owe the earth our lifes! But nevertheless people are destroying fertile soil with chemicals, fertilizer and other tings ,just to increase the profit – not caring about the microorganism and the damage of the whole cycle.

We need the cycle of life and death. Dead leaves are falling from the trees, decompose on earth into humus – so new life can arise. Everything that dies transforms into something new. So because we love the earth, we have to care that the earth is doing well! We have to give her the opportunitie to resurrect by using organics. Instead of destroying, we all should join the cycle of Life and preserve it.

It is time to get back to nature. Spend time in the garden, put a little grain in the earth – it is such a miracle to see that one little grain has millions of other grains inside, there is so much life in it. You will learn about the cycle and rhythm of nature and you will lern to be patient. To cultivate a garden brings us to back the power of Life, it brings back the connection to earth and its seasons, the natural rhythm which often gets lost in our modern society.

But I think the ones who spend time in being creative or doing their mediative arts like tangling are allready have the awareness that if people don’t  change, everything else won’t change either. We already learned to repossess the moment. Teamwork is much more efficient and healthier than competition – sharing guides us to gratification.

So befriend earth means befriend life!

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This is the first time I participate in Zendala Dare #114. Actually it is the first time I created a zendala – so very exciting and challenging for me. I am still tending towards having already an idea for the whole result- but it is getting better to free my mind by every tangle I do. So before I started I took a deep breath and reminded ” one stroke at a time”. And I just started from the middle and tangled one stroke at a time towards the border – listening to Antonín Dvořáks violineconzert with Anne-Sophie Mutter und die Berliner Philharmoniker, simply fantastic. When I finished my Zendala, I was not completly pleased in the first time, I was a little unhappy with using “Bales” in the end. But after a little break I felt fine with my first zendala including Bales! So I started colouring, I love colouring, and for me coloured Zendalas have a special charm and effect.

So thank you Erin for your wonderfull template for my first Zendala! And I am looking forward to the next ones.


template created by Erin Koetz Olson, CZT®

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