Zendala Dare #116


Pattern: Fengle, Dragonair. Snail, Coral-Seeds

In this weeks Zendala Dare Challenge #116  the template was pretty different from the last ones I did, it offert a lot more space. But since I wrote a long article about “space and emptiness” this week, it fits very well in this week for me. The last Zendalas I tangled, where pretty detailed and also still a little topsy-turvy. So this time I tried to leave more space and using not too much different patterns. Well, I am really pleased with that outcome, I like that it is different to the other ones I did before. For this Zendala I used very nice hand-made paper in creme and for colouring I used Polychromos. I still have to get used to them and pracetise shading. But I like the polochromos on that beautiful paper. They fit very well together and I like experimenting with all those different materials. And most of all I really love tangling Zendalas!

This is Erin’s lovely template she chose this week, and I really love the Zendala she created and the way it turned out! You can see it here – and also all the other fantastic Zendalas that have been created this week!


template created by Erin Koetz Olson, CZT®

So looking forward to Tuesday!

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  • Annemarie

    Very elegant and beautiful. I also like the colors you used.

    15. November 2015
  • Christiane K.

    Very, very beautiful!

    15. November 2015
  • This is so beautiful. Your colors are so soft, and the tangles you chose are so fluid and supple. I don’t know what polychromos are, but I think you have mastered them!

    16. November 2015
  • Anja

    einfach nur wundervoll!!! Die Farben sind unheimlich harmonisch.
    Eine schöne Woche & happy tangling

    17. November 2015
  • Yorkshire Tortoise

    This is so artistic, I love the Dragonair in the ovals with the space. It makes me think of lobster claws.

    17. November 2015
  • Very beautiful and elegant you zendala!

    17. November 2015
  • Sue Sharp CZT12

    Absolutely stunning! Love the simplicity of design but detail of shading, and colour! Beautiful!

    18. November 2015
  • This is really stunning. I love the use of Dragonair, and the colors are perfect.

    22. November 2015