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Zenuari day 21: Zengems!

Gem-Session No.1 !

During last years  Zengems just popped up in Zentangle-land and they are still immensly popular. So today, we draw Gems. I now that a lot of Tangler love drawing those Zengems and they really look beautiful, but I have to admit, I didn’t had the need so far to draw gems. I guess I don’t want to think to much about light and shadow, which you really have to if those gems look realistic and shiny. But today I tried, and I think they do look like gems, but still, I am not a huge fan of drawing gems. I guess I will rather admire gems by other tanglers:)


Zenuari Day 19: Handlettering


Zenuari day 22 meets diva challenge #299

  • Deanne B

    I think your ZenGems are gorgeous! Magnificent embellishments around the gems! I especially love the wine colour of the gems! 🙂

    22. January 2017