Weekly Challenge #329

„Fragment D-1“

A Guest Post from Marguerite Samama CZT from Netherlands ( ). I already had the pleasure to meet Marguerite at a CZT Workshop hosted by Ellen Gozeling in the Netherlands – where I had a great time! So, this weeks challenge # 329 has everything to do with the Fragment D- 1 from the Primer by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

I love the idea how those fragment can be used, but I have to admit I sometimes use one of them as a border, but I haven’t really played with them in all their possibilities. But I guess I really should, since I love the geometry in tangling.

So my Tile is a mixture between the challenge #328 from last week, using Suzanne Fluhr‘ s lovely tangle „Aloah“ and the Fragment D-1. The reason is, I started the tile with Aloha last Saturday. But then was disturbed and didn’t finish. So using D-1 as a background for my Aloha-Tile seemed a great idea to me. Especially, because I love the contrast between floral and organic tangles and geometric pattern. Now Aloha is dancing on Fragment D-1, migth be a whimsical film title;) Thank you, Marguerite, for your post with the lovely pictures, I certainly I fell in love with your sweet dog:)

Thanks for stopping by and a lovely weekend to you.

Aloha, Simone