33/16 Rio Olympics

Weekly Challenge #280

the olympics are the theme of this week’s challenge #280.

The 5 five interlocking rings symbolize the continents Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and Australia. The colors  blue, yellow, black an green of the rings together with the white of the background include the colors composing every competing nation’s flag at the time. So every nation could refind itself in this colors. For that reason I just played with those six colors, even though the white is a little off-white. I droped watercolors on my tile an then filled them with tangels, I used Bumps, Popsicles, Kozy, Bublz, Cockles‘n‘Mussels and Seeds. I have to admit for this challenge I had to get a little bit out of comfortzone. Those colors are not my favorits, but only playing with the rings would bring me much more out of my comfortzone, because I like much more the imperfect circles:)

So I am not so happy with my tile, but it is okay for me! And I appreciate challenges that ask me to leave my comfortzone, because that is the point were I can discover new things an possibilities.

A nice week to everyone!