week 7/16: Oooh Shiny!



Weekly Challenge #257: „Guest Post – Oooh Shiny!“

This weeks diva challenge is a guest post from Amy Broady, CZT™ from Knoxville, Tenneessee, USA. She challenged us to make our tangled work shine! Or gleam.
So I decided to draw on iridescent acrylic color, which I painted on an really nice and heavy structured handmade paper. I thought it would shine more when the paper is not too smooth and it worked out great, the paper looks really deep gold and shiny. But since the paper has so much structure ist was not that easy to draw the lines of the tangles on it, sometimes my micron pen jumped a little bit to the left or right into a hole or just like the paper wanted him to. So that is also the reason why the black strokes are sometimes a little darker and sometimes a little lighter, the acrylic paint liked to swallow some of the black color. But thats totally okay, if  I use handmade paper I know that paper will somehow lead me it doesn’t care about my idea where I want the strokes, that makes it much more interesting.
 I used a lot of tangles for the first time. So I had a lot of fun making my tangle work shine!
Thanks for that lovely challenge.