Weekly Diva Challenge #247


“UMT: African Artist by Tina-Aukua Hunziker, CTZ”

This weeks challenge # 247  is like every first Monday of the month a Use My Tangle (UMT) challenge, the last one in 2015. This  month it is African Artist by Tina Aukua Hunker, CTZ from Switzerland – the step outs are here on Tina’s blog.

Today we had one of those really rare sunny days und so I spent the whole day gardening. So it was so relaxing and comfy drinking hot tea sitting close to the warm fireplace and tangling after being outside the whole day.

When I got my tiles and started to draw a string there came pictures of those great ornamental make-up of some african tribes and I also had pictures of this beautiful african masks in my mind.The square tile was actually too short for my string. So I decided to tangle 2 tiles, which have both that wonderful African Artist pattern, so they would work each by itself but also belong together.

I think the outcome is somehow a little curious in my eyes and I am not quite sure if I am really pleased with my outcome. But I had a great time doing this tangle, so I am so pleased with that practice and that evening.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice new and inspiring week.


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  • I love both of your tiles! The colors and composition are absolutely beautiful.

    13. December 2015
  • Susan Theron

    This looks wonderful! I like the combination with the other tangles.

    14. December 2015
  • Annemarie

    WOW, I LOVE them both; love the design and colors.

    14. December 2015
  • Anja

    Was für ein wunderschönes Werk!

    14. December 2015