It’s a String Thing #118

It’s an ODD challenge

What a great idea! Friday we had the 13th of November 2015  –  11/13/15  – so Adele Bruno, CZT™ choose the 11th, 13th, and 15th tangles listed on

Acrosstick  by Ed Gucker, CZT
Afterglo  by Carole Ohl, CZT
Ahh by Maria Thomas, Zentangle® co-founder

and added in  It’s a String Thing challenge  Joyce Burns’TanglePatterns String 017



There we go with a continuous sequence of odd numbers.

When I saw the string and the the pattern my first thought was – interesting, a very organic string and pretty geometric pattern. Adele points out in her blog to keep in mind that string lines are suggestions and to let the patterns lead the way. But I liked the idea to have the contrast between this organic string and the geometric pattern. I had no idea how that could work out  –fortunatily I could free my mind and not thinking about it! So I just started tangling Afterglo. When I finished Afterglo the Ahh’s wanted to dance on the string – Ahhhh! – now I had my patterns following the string. Tangleing Acrosstick on the bottom gives Ahh a nice dancefloor. I think my patterns are happy now and so am I! And of course I like to mention – this week ist also „space“ week. Well this is really pure chance, that this tile has lot of space on the top, it was not my intent – at least not consciously 😉