Kugelfisch – Tetraodontidae “tangleae”

Die Körperbemalung des tangle-Kugelfisch weicht stark von der des herkömmlichen Kugelfisches ab. Die Haut ist nicht nackt sondern liebevoll verziert. Der Antrieb erfolgt hauptsächlich durch die “Angle Fish”- Brustflosse, die “Phicop”- Variantion der Schwanzflosse als Steuerruder. Der kleine tangle-Kugelfisch ist nicht giftig und bereitet ausschliesslich Freude.

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  • Beverly Olson

    I don’t have a Website. Maybe someday I will. You have touched my soul with your writtings. Thank you for sharing your soul and creativity with those of us who need to use this art to calm our troubled souls. I hope to enjoy your site for many years to come. I am the mother of five children. My husband and I have two girls and three boys in that order. My oldest is Erin, she is married with three children. They are my life and delight. Emily my second daughter is suffering with mental problems. James is married and has a one year old daughter. Jacob just got married last year and they are very happy. Jeremy my youngest is lost and trying to find his way. We just love him. He is a gental soul and kind soul. I hope I haven’t given too much information. Have a great week. Thanks Beverly

    3. November 2015