Creativity is oxygen for your soul

We are all born with an inexhaustible source of creative potential. Creativity is an individual expression of one’s needs, desires, and uniqueness – a crucial part of holistic well-being. At Kunst&Werk Hof 36 in you can take a step out of the everyday and a leap into an enriching time of creativity, mindfulness and calmness.

It is my great pleasure and honor to serve as a guide for you having a break from everyday life and  jumping into a life-enhancing time full of creativity, mindfulness and calmness.

Welcome to my new Online Class Portal.

I am happy that you are here. I am creating and offering creative online classes for everyone with the intention to inspire you with a relaxed and mindful approach to art-making. So you have the possibilty to create in your familiar place in your own pace. All my classes have lifetime-access.

I just started my Online Class Portal with my Mandala for Heart and Soul class, which I already offer in German Language, but more classes will follow. So if you don’t want to miss a new Class you can sign up to my newsletter.


Mandalas are fascinating and atmospheric symbolic images. In this online video workshop I share with you my enthusiasm and fascination for creating mandalas and show step by step how you can create and color your own personal mandala. Creating your personal Mandala will bring you profound inner transformation, stimulates your intuition and it creates inner balance.


Hello, I am Simone.

I am a Graphicdesigner and Mixed Media Artist from Nothern Germany.
I truly believe that being creative and making art and leads to more calmness, serenity and peacefulness.
It transforms and heals.