I am Simone Sass. Graphic designer, mixed media artist and CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher ™). Born and raised in Hamburg/ Nothern Germany. Meanwhile I enjoy the country life with my husband and our three dogs south of the Elbe, the nature, the peace and the free space. Here I can let off steam wonderfully according to all the rules - or better not rules - of art.<br />

Creative work is for me a very own kind of language; a feeling of freedom, appreciation, relaxation and letting go. Creativity is an individual expression of needs, desires and uniqueness – a crucial part for my holistic well-being.

Working creatively, whether painting, sewing or gardening, has taught me over time to act more and more intuitively and instinctively – a boon to the mind and soul.

In my online courses and the courses in my studio at the Kunst und Werkhof36 in Stade, I want to open a world of creativity in which everything is possible – show a creative path in which you follow the voice of your heart and learn to trust your own intuition.

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My Philosophy

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to be creative, because creativity is in our nature. Everyone is an artist! It does not matter what artistic education or training you have or whether you have never had a brush in your hand – the intuitive way is always the same.

My creative path and my passion is the abstract painting and design with all imaginable materials. Colors, shapes, lines are a language of which there are no limits.

Art is an attitude to life, it makes alive and releases energies – it makes me see the world with different eyes, perceive the beauty and diversity, admire and appreciate.

Beeing creative

means to be passionate, spontaneous and courageous, to experiment and to playfully go on a journey of discovery, not with the mind but with the heart and the gut feeling, which gains more and more strength the more often you trust your inner voice. A playful approach and an unbiased view opens the inner gates for new creative possibilities. Trust in one's own spontaneity and intuition is the means of expression for the authentic.

Intuitive art is created in the moment – unplanned and from moment to moment, everything that happens, every color, every stroke, every emotion is part of the artwork. There are no mistakes.

What brings us further on our artistic path is the spontaneity and the happy coincidences or even mishaps that accompany us on the way – always trusting intuition.

In art many feelings get a space, it is important to deal lovingly with yourself and others. Free yourself from judging or evaluating, comparing, competing or fighting and perfectionism.

The creative path is a journey into the heart and soul – a place full of wonder, imagination, unknown obstacles and wonderful moments.

The meaning of Zentangle Art for me

The language of Zentangle art – a language of patterns and shapes – is like a door opener to creativity. I get inspiration, ideas and answers free of expectations and concerns.

So even when creating Zentangle Art, I reach a state of relaxation where my intuition can flow freely.

In the beginning it was the curiosity and the fun to try something new – the Zentangle art – but quickly other wonderful qualities were added. Being more involved with the Zentangle method has shown me how easy it is to be creative – and free from perfectionism, expectations, self-criticism, pressure to perform, disappointment and hectic.

I like the surprises I get when I finish my little work of art. Sometimes I start drawing and think, oops, that looks “interesting”, that “interesting” when something is rather not to one’s taste. Or I draw and think, oh that’s so not my style, or preferred proportion, shape … or or or. Lordy, it can happen so fast and I’m beyond the limit of my comfort zone – a challenge – but also an experience that has taught me: to stay relaxed, not to judge, to keep going. So often something surprisingly new emerges from such bumpy beginnings, a new creative direction in which I can continue to develop. It’s almost like the childlike curiosity, free of expectations and judgment, that so often gets lost over time.

CZT 22

In 2016 I flew to Providence/Rhode Island and was trained as a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher ™) by the founders of the Zentangle Method Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. An unforgettable experience.

There are many beautiful and effective ways to bring body and mind to rest and to slow down yourself down. For me, the Zentangle art is a beautiful way to relax my often so restless mind with all its useful and seemingly useless thoughts. Especially since creating this little work of art can be effortlessly integrated into everyday life, it does not require a lot of effort, space or time. You can even at “interesting ;-)” events secretly tangle under the table!

Zentangle® has enlivened my joy and freedom in artistic creation and experimentation. Trusting intuition, calm and non-judgmental, completely new views and perspectives open up to me in creative work and also in everyday life.

Life is a form of art and everyone is an artist.
And it is a great pleasure for me to share this experience with you!