“Sundoo” Bijou

sounds a little bit like a new cocktail ;). My dearest friend from Switzerland and her boyfreind have been on holidays at our house. We were tangling in the evenings. Her boyfriend tangled for the first time and he did a great job. One tangle he chose was “Sundoo” from Jane MacKugler, CZT – which I never tangled before. But it looked so awesome to me, that I had to try this tangle for my Mini-tangle. I really love this tangle, it is fun. So I can recommend to everyone to just try out “Sundoo”.


Drama, Baby, Drama.

Dramatangles are those tangles that add some “drama” – meaning contrast into the tile. The easy way to create this drama is using tangles that have a good contrast between black and white, just as “Umble”. Umble is an official zentangle pattern and I tried it once or twice and never liked it so much. Probably I had difficulties to draw those curvy lines – drama:) But today I wanted to challenge myself and so I chose this tangle for being my personal Dramatangle and I think it didn’t went out too bad;)

Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, Newport RI

Todays prompt is an inspiration that comes from a landscape. That might be the lines from the landscape as a string, the colors of the landscape or to be inspired by the place itself. I love trees, so most of my landscape pictures have trees on it.

When I was in Rhode Island last year in April to achieve my certificate for teaching Zentangle (CZT) I stayed some more days longer to visit Newport. I stayed and a lovely Bed and Breakfast and went for the Cliffwalk at a quite rainy day and visited the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge at a cold but nice an sunny day! It was gorgeous. I rented a bike to get there – which seemed to pretty weird for the people living in Newport, they asked my serveral times if I really mean a bike with foot pedals were I have to pedal myself! Yes I do:) Well, this refuge was about 6 km far from were I stayed, not a long distance for people who often ride the bike to get from A to B:) Okay I have to admit I had to ride a lot up and downhill, which I am not used from Nothern Germany! But it was a beautiful route along the beaches. I got some picnic with me and my artjournal and colors and stayed some hours and the Wildlife Refuge.




When I read the prompt I knew I had to create my tangle inspired by this picture.

Happy new year to everyone!

Every year on the first day of Zenuari , Anoeska Waardenburg, CZT from Netherlands, asked us let ourself be inspired by the New Year.

So I decided to involve the “2017”, saying “hello” to a happy and colorful new year! In the end of last year I tried for the first time so create a background with colored bleeding tissue paper, which I had to purchase in USA, because I couldn’t find any here in Europe. I created a large watercolorsheet and cutted it into 3.5 inch pieces. I think it fits quite got for welcoming the new year it is colorful like fireworks.

So this year will be a colorful year!

Weekly Challenge #289: “Leafy Goodness”

Now in Northern Germany autumn has arrived, it is getting colder and the trees are wearing their beautiful leaf dresses in all shades of red and yellow colors. It looks fantanstic, I love that time of the year.

So this week’s challenge #289 is a Leaf/Autumn theme. I started to collect some leafs from our trees in the garden. They were all so beautiful and unique in their shapes and colors , that I couldn’t decide wich one to use for my tile. I was so attached by the colors, more than the shapes, that I decided not to choose a leaf for tangling, but tangling a leaf, or two or more;) In the end of the evening I had a nice variety of tangled leafs. I arranged them in my big cooperbowl at the fireplace, where in the summertimes some of my roses are for decoration and now tangles leafs in autumn.

I wish everyone a nice autumn time with lots of sunshine and golden landscapes. Enjoy!!

Weekly Challenge #288: “Simply Gourdgeous”

time flies. We already moved 5 month ago in our new home, but it is so much to do – it almost feels like 5 weeks. My blog fell a little bit in sleep, I guess. But now it is time to wake up. So  In honour of thanksgiving this week’s challenge #288 is to tangle Gourdgeous – an official tangle by Maria Thomas.

Since autumn has arrived with all its beautiful and warm colors, I decided to color my tile before tangling. So I used some watercolors and I felt that I had to try some pigments on it to, unfortunately they turned out very dark so the nice bright watercolor background looks a little dark and dirty now. But I still tried to work with it – and since Gourdgeous is a contrasty tangle it could made its way in the foreground.

It is not one of my favorite tiles, but I had a nice and cosy evening tangling it. So I am pleased with my gourdgeous tile.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

Weekly Challenge #277: Running ’round in Circles’

Nachdem ich einige Runden ausgesetzt habe nun erste Eintrag aus der neuen Heimat. Getangled habe ich aus in der Umzugs-, Renovier- und Aus-, Ein,- und Umbauzeit, aber die Zeit am Computer habe ich so knapp wie möglich gehalten. Nun sind wir hier gut angekommen, und es findet sich ein Rhythmus in dem alles wieder seinen Platz bekommt. Und so hab ich mit Elan an der der weekly challenge #277 teilgenommen und meine Runden gedreht. Die Aufgabe – einen String zeichnen der aus Kreisen besteht und dann tanglen.

Eine wirklich schöne Challenge, bei der wieder festgestellt hab, dass ich mehr so der Typ ovale “Kreise” mit leichten Ausbuchtungen hier und da bin, und froh wenn sich der Kreis überhaupt schliesst. So richtig “hübsch und ordentlich” rund liegt mir irgendwie nicht. Also bleibe ich meinem Stil des leicht ungleichmässigen eiförmigen Kreises treu. Und eigentlich mag ich das auch, irgendwie ist es spannend und schliesslich kommt man auch Umwegen dazu das Anfang und Ende sich wieder zu einem Ganzen schliessen  – und das ist ja die Hauptsache. Der Weg dahin läuft es halt nicht immer rund – und das wird schon so seinem Grund haben. Glücklicherweise ist es beim Tanglen auch völlig egal wie der Kreis letztendlich aussieht. Umso interessanter zu sehen wohin mich das Kreisen führt, wenn man es einfach passieren lässt.

Ich habe mit Aquarell experimentiert und mit der nass-in-nass-Technik sich überlappende Farbkreise enstehen lassen und diese als String benutzt. Dieser kreisförmige String ist natürlich wie gemacht für  eines meiner Lieblings-Tangles  – “man-o-man”. Ich mag diese Tangle unglaublich gerne, es scheint mir fast eines der weniger benutzen oder beliebten Tangles zu sein, da ich es recht selten sehe. Für mich hat es etwas Besonderes und Spezielles! Ebenso Vitruvius ist ein sehr spannendes Tangle, das meine round-and-round-it-goes- Fähigkeiten sehr gefordert hat.

Die fertige Kachel hat dann seinen Platz in meinen kleinen Tangle-Art-Journal gefunden.Irgendwann bin ich nachts aufgewacht und hatte endlich eine Idee, wie man den Kacheln einen schönen Platz geben kann. Bisher habe die Kacheln immer in einem kleinen Karton aufbewahrt. Und einem grösseren Karton habe ich selbstgebundenene leere Art-Journals verstaut, die immer darauf warteten auch mal Art-Journals zu werden. Na klar! … liebevoll getangelte einsame Kachel sucht leeres Art-Journal für eine intuitive, kreative und individuelle Liasion. Um dem Klammern vorzubeugen sind Fotoecken sehr willkommen. Perfekt! Und was ein Spass – jeder Kachel seine passenden Seite zu kreiren und sich auszutoben mit Collagen, Farben, Formen, Material und was immer einem gerade einfällt. Tangle und Art-Jounaling ein fantastische Liasion.

Es hat mir viel Spass bereitet meine Runden zu drehen – Danke Laura für die schöne Challenge.

Round and Round and Round it goes weiter!

Vielen Dank für Euren Besuch auf meiner Seite und einen runden Start in die neue Woche.


Weekly Challenge #277: Running ’round in Circles (english)

Since I skipped some rounds – finally the first post from my new home. I still tangled during the time of moving here and renovating, decorating, expanding and so on, but I kept my time at the Computer as short as possible. But now we went down well, even though it is always something to to, but things are getting normal now. So I went enthusiastic in this weekly challenge #277  and round and round it goes. The challenge… Creating a string out of circles and tangle!! that’s it.

I very nice challenge, where I noticed again, that I am more the type of person drawing oval circles with some bulges here and there – and actually I am happy if the circle closes in the end. Really neat and round circles doesn’t seem to be my talent. Well, I stick with my style – the slightly unbalanced egg-shaped circle. I even like it, it is somehow fascinating and with some detours the beginning and the end will close in its entirety – that is the essence. The way until then is not alway even an consistent – but somehow it seems to be my way. Luckily doing Zentangle art nobodys cares about how the circle looks like. Even more interesting so see where the circling takes me if I let it flow.

I experimented with watercolor wet-in-wet-technique, so letting overlapping circles arise and used those for my string. The circle string is just made for one of my favorite tangles – “man-o-man”. I love this tangle, it seems not to be used very often, because I really see it pretts seldom on other tiles. But somehow for me it looks very special. Also vitruvius is an interesting Tangle, which really challenged my round-and-round-it-goes-skills.

Finally the tangles tile found its place in my little art-journal. Some night I woke up and finally  I had the idea how to keep all my tiles in a nice place. So far I kept my tiles in a small box, just like I kept my selfmade and empty art-journals in a bigger box, waiting to be real art-journals. So yeah, lonely tangled tile is looking for empty little art-journal for an intuitive, creative and individual liasion. To avoid clasping, photocorners are welcome.Perfect, and such fun to get an individual page to each tile by doing collages, working with colours, shapes, and different materials, whatever comes in my mind. I just love art-journaling and tangling.

So I had a great time going round in circles- so thank you Laura for that challenge.

Round and Round it goes forward.

Thank you for stopping by and a round start in your new week.



Weekly Challenge #260: “Monotangle: Shattuck”

Diese Woche heißt es in der Diva Challenge #260 ein Monotangle zu kreieren mit “Shattuck”, einem der offiziellen Zentangle® Mustern. Wie der Name Mono schon besagt, bedeutet es, nur dieses eine Muster zu benutzen – in all seinen erdenklichen Variationen, also durchaus eine Herausforderung. Ich mag Shattuck sehr gerne, es ist ein einfaches aber sehr ausdrucksstarkes Muster mit vielen Möglichkeiten.

Somit habe ich mein Gehirn gebeten als Ideengeber meine Hand zu inspirieren. Zum warm werden habe ich erst sehr nah am Muster gearbeitet und dieses insich variert. Zuerst wollte ich es dieses mal wirklich nicht kolorieren, ich habe es auch einen ganzen Abend ausgehalten, aber am nächsten Tag, da hat sich mir die Farbe quasi aufgedrängt. Was sollte ich da tun, auch Farben kann Zurückweiung schmerzen;)

Aber nochmal zurück zum Abend davor. Nachdem ich nun voll im Shattuck-Workflow war, wollte ich noch etwas probieren und so ist die zweite Kachel entstanden auf der Shattuck eine blumige Transformation angenommen hat. Das hat mich durchaus mehr Konzentration gekostet und wenn man genau hinschaut kann man hier und da etwas “Geschummel” sehen:) Das diese Kachel ganz pur und im Sinne der Erfinder schwarz-weiss geblieben ist, ist nicht meinem Zeitmangel geschuldet – sondern ich habe es geschafft dem Drang nach Farbe zu widerstehen und mich ganz an der Purheit des Tangles zu erfreuen!

Und nun geht es in die Osterzeit!Ich verzichte Ostern auf das extra inszinierte Suchen, da ich mit meinem Chaoskopf eigentlich eh mehrmals täglich alles Mögliche suche, und daher das Spass am Suchen bei mir nicht allzu ausgeprägt ist 😉

Aber für alle die gern Suchen wünsche ich Suchenglück und wunderschöne Ostertage!


Weekly Challenge #260: “Monotangle: Shattuck” (english)

 This week’s challenge is to create a monotangle using the tangle Shattuck, an official Zentangle® pattern. Like the term Mono already implies, is the challenge about only using that one tangle in all its variations, so absolutely challenging.

I really like Shattuck, for me it is an easy to draw but very expressive pattern with lots of possibilties of variation. So I asked my brain to be a creative director and inspire my hand. For warming up I stayed pretty close to the pattern und put just zum variations to it. Actually I really didn’t want to put color on it, I succeed a whole evening with not coloring. But the next day the color quasi forced me and I couldn’t stand it anymore:)

But back to the evening before. Since I now really was in a Shuttuck working flow, I wanted to try someting else and so the second tile Shattuck transformed into an flowery looking  pattern. That really costed me a lot more concentration and if you look a little bit closer you can see that I “cheated” a little bit here and there. Finally that this tile, as definded by the founders, stayed black and white, is not owed to my lack of time – no – I really succeeded to resist the impulse of wanting to color everything. And I rejoice in the purity of my tile.

Now eastertime is coming. I am not going to participate on that Easter-searches, since I am searching, with my chaotic thinking head, every day several times something, so searching things is not so much fun for me 😉

But for all who like searching eggs on easter, good luck and lots of fun.

Happy Easter to all of you!