Leicht gefädelt. Wenn ein einfacher Baumwollfaden vollgesogen mit Farbe immer wieder auf dem Papier tanzt entsteht ein wunderbares wirr warr an Linien. Meist sehr organisch und kurvig und gerne ineinander verschlungen füllen sie das Blatt Papier mehr und mehr. Und wenn sie das Parkett, äh Papier, ordentlich gerockt haben dann einsteht eine kleine Geschichte entstehen aus all ihren Formationen.

Der Titel dieser Story:
Verliere nicht den Kopf wenn Du eine Konversation mit einer Fisch-Maus-Schnecke führst.

Striping – Monotangle

Good Morning, I am a little late with my post for the Weekly Diva Challenge #336, the weather was so sunny this weekend, so I decided to spend my time outside in nature. Well,  but at least I tangled. This week we were challenged to do a monotangle,  this means using only one tangle on the tile. The featured tangle is one of the official tangles from Zentangle HQ called Striping. I use Striping once in a while in my classes but I have to admit, I never use it in my own tiles, so great to use it as a monotangle. I already admired Margaret Bremner’s  Striping with a twist last year, so I decided to give it a try! It wasn’t that difficult as I thought and so I had a lot of fun tangling and twisting Striping, so I guess Striping will find its way also in my tiles now:)

So again, what an inspiring challenge!

Have a nice week, hopefully with lots of sunshine.


Weekly Challenge #319: “BEad INSPIRED”

This weeks Challenge #319 ist about the medicine program Beads of Courage, which helps kids with their story of chronic or life threatinig illnesses. The kids get those colored beads every time they have to go through a procedure or appointment or other special circumstances, so the beads tell their story of their medical journey. Each color of the beads stands for a different treatment or circumstance.

Laura “The Diva” organized 5 years ago the first volunteer 5K Color Fun Run to support the programm and to raise money for the Beads of Courage programming in Saskatchewan. This year she ran the run with her whole family.

So, this week’s challenge is to BEad INSPIRED by Beads of Courage!  By the Color Run, or by whatever gives us Courage.

Laura has my full admiration, for all this things she does, like this Color Run, for her son and all the other kids that are in similar situations. So I dedicate my beads of courage to Laura, the Color Run and the whole program.

And because I couldn’t stopp tangling and didn‘t want to be limit by my tile 😉 I decided to tangle in my artjournal.



So have a beautiful and sunny week !


Weekly Challenge #316: String Theory – Stripes!

this weeks challenge #316 – we were asked to create our string using stripes with varying widths, without having to be uniform or even! anything is possible as long as it’s stripes. I decided to tangle on a zendala which I colored with watercolors before I draw my strings. I had a great time tangeling those stripes and as you can see, there are lots of stripes, even stripes in stripes, I couldn’t stopp doing those lines:)

2 Zentangle Basic Classes at L-Beach Festival

Last weekend I was invited to give two  Zentangle Basic Classes at a huge Festival at the Baltic Sea! It was a wonderful experience and there were so many ladies who wanted to take this classes. We had to get more and more tables in that room until there where no more space!

I had a great time and I guess everybody else had, too! The ladies were so creative, they tangled with me the basic patterns and couldn’t stopp enhancing them, with some ideas I gave them and lots of their own ideas. Actually the class was supposed to take 90 minutes, but because they had so many own ideas on their tangles we spend almost 3 hours tangling. That ist why I have not all tiles in my first mosaic, some ladies had to go pretty fast to dinner:)

The next day some ladies came back and took the class again:) That is why I made two different Basic classes. Friday Zentangle Basics “geometric”, whith static, rain, hollibaugh and cubine and on Staturday Basics “organic” with crescent moon, mysteria, bales and pokeroot. One funny thing that happend to me, on Friday’s geometric tangle class I planned so draw the “Z” string and for the organic class some rounded “e” string. Well, I was talking about string at my geometric class and -tada – I drew the “e” string I had planned for the organic class. So, when I told my students, that any string would work, I had to smile and somehow to sweat a little bit more. It is one thing to be unplanned at the kitchen table, than in a prepared class with 30 people. But I love those “oops” they really help to get more and more confindence in teaching!:) And the end of my class I certainly told the ladies about my  unplanned string, I think that is always a great chance to really show the attendees that it works! So thanks to all the creative ladies for that great time.


Zentangle Basic Class “geometric”


Zentangle Basic Class “organic


Well, isn’t it a lot more drama to have a geometric string with organic tangles and an organic string with geometric tangles! It is magic:)

Thanks for visiting my blog! And have a sunny sunday!


Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, Newport RI

Todays prompt is an inspiration that comes from a landscape. That might be the lines from the landscape as a string, the colors of the landscape or to be inspired by the place itself. I love trees, so most of my landscape pictures have trees on it.

When I was in Rhode Island last year in April to achieve my certificate for teaching Zentangle (CZT) I stayed some more days longer to visit Newport. I stayed and a lovely Bed and Breakfast and went for the Cliffwalk at a quite rainy day and visited the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge at a cold but nice an sunny day! It was gorgeous. I rented a bike to get there – which seemed to pretty weird for the people living in Newport, they asked my serveral times if I really mean a bike with foot pedals were I have to pedal myself! Yes I do:) Well, this refuge was about 6 km far from were I stayed, not a long distance for people who often ride the bike to get from A to B:) Okay I have to admit I had to ride a lot up and downhill, which I am not used from Nothern Germany! But it was a beautiful route along the beaches. I got some picnic with me and my artjournal and colors and stayed some hours and the Wildlife Refuge.




When I read the prompt I knew I had to create my tangle inspired by this picture.

The Diva’s weekly challenge #259: “Touch of Irish”

Am 17.März ist St. Patricks Day, ist der Gedenktag des irischen Bischofs Patrick, der wahrscheinlich im 5. Jahrhundert lebte und als erster christlicher Missionar in Irland gilt. Da der Heilige als Schutzpatron Irlands gilt, ist das Fest des Heiligen im irischen Regionalkalender ein Hochfest.

Aufgabe dieser wöchentlichen Challenge war es also irischen Spirit in unsere Kachel zu bringen.

So habe ich mit Whisky und Aquarell einen moosgrünen Hintergrund kreiert, gut Idee oder? War aber nur Spass, also das mit dem Whisky, ich habe Wasser benutzt. Es heisst St. Patrick habe ein dreiblätteriges Kleeblatt benutzt,  um den heidnischen Iren die Heilige Dreifaltigkeit zu erklären. Um das Kleeblatt als Symbol aufzugreifen haben ich meine Muster so getangelt, das eine kleine “Wiese” mit tanzenden Kleeblättern zum Vorschein kommt.

Das Tangle ist tatsächlich auch rechtzeitig zum St. Patricks Day fertig gewesen, ich habe es einfach nicht geschafft zu bloggen. Im Moment ist neben der Arbeit so viel los, Reisevorbereitungen und auch Umzugsvorbereitungen bei denen schon fleissig die Pflanzen umgesiedelt werden. Da bleibt nicht viel Zeit für anderes. Deswegen komme ich auch kaum dazu mir all die schönen Werke anzusehen und zu kommentieren, die die anderen Teilnehmer kreiren, aber das wird sich natürlich nach dieser “Alles-auf-einmal-Phase” wieder ändern! 🙂

Einen schönen Start in die erste Frühlingswoche (also steht in meinem Kalender) an Alle.


The Diva’s weekly challenge #259: “Touch of Irish” ( english version)

Saint Patrick’s Day,  the cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

This weeks challenge is to bring a touch of Irish to our tile.

I used some old whiskey and watercolor to create a Irish green background. No, just kidding, I didn’t use whiskey just water. According to legend, Saint Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. so I used the shamrock as a symbol and created a little shamrock meadow.

Actually my tangle was already done on St. Patricks Day, but I was to busy to blog. At the moment I besides work the weeks are so busy, preparing for a journey and also preparing to move, so we are already moving our plants from one garden to the other. So there is almost no time for other things right now, like regarding or comment on all the beautiful artworks the other participants create, I am really sorry for that.  But that will be better after all this moving and traveling:)

So have a nice new week, it is spring! That is at least what my calendar says:)


“Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day”

Today; Sunday January 24, is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day.

Artoo, Laura’s 5.5 year old son, was diagnosted with Moebius Syndrom when he was born.

Moebius syndrome is a rare nonprogressive neurological condition that primarily affects the muscles that control facial expression, which means people cannot smile or frown, and do not have lateral eye movements.  because of the lack of facial expression a lot people with Moebius syndrome have social interaction and adjustment problems. It is so important to sensitize people to disorders like Moebius to make them a little more regardful, the social interaction is different, because there are no emotional facial expressions possible, but there are many in other signals like in body language. “Lachen mit dem Herzen” ( “smile/ laugh with the heart”) that is the claim of the German website Möbius Sydrom Deutschland e.V. I love that claim!

So this weeks challenge #251 is to raise awareness for this disorder. Using the Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s logo as string to create and the color for MSAD is Purple, if someone likes to add color.

I liked to add color, I love color! And I used tangled that starts with A (Arukas, Angle Fish) R (Rixty) T (Tipple) O (OOF)

A peaceful Sunday to everyone and don’t forget to smile with your heart, that is important to everyone.



“UMT: African Artist by Tina-Aukua Hunziker, CTZ”

This weeks challenge # 247  is like every first Monday of the month a Use My Tangle (UMT) challenge, the last one in 2015. This  month it is African Artist by Tina Aukua Hunker, CTZ from Switzerland – the step outs are here on Tina’s blog.

Today we had one of those really rare sunny days und so I spent the whole day gardening. So it was so relaxing and comfy drinking hot tea sitting close to the warm fireplace and tangling after being outside the whole day.

When I got my tiles and started to draw a string there came pictures of those great ornamental make-up of some african tribes and I also had pictures of this beautiful african masks in my mind.The square tile was actually too short for my string. So I decided to tangle 2 tiles, which have both that wonderful African Artist pattern, so they would work each by itself but also belong together.

I think the outcome is somehow a little curious in my eyes and I am not quite sure if I am really pleased with my outcome. But I had a great time doing this tangle, so I am so pleased with that practice and that evening.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice new and inspiring week.


“We are all connected. What unites us is our common humanity. I don‘t want to oversimplify things – but the suffering of a mother who has lost her child is not dependent on her nationality, ethnicity or religion. White, black, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim or Jew – pain is pain – joy is joy.” Desmond Tutu

 “Tripoli Triptastic”

This Week again, 2 languages, phew, I guess I need someone doing my other daily work 🙂

The Diva gives us in challenge #244 a great advice for those who find Tripoli difficult – well, so do I. It is more important to make sure that the spaces between my triangles are the same, than hung up on making sure all the triangles are perfect equilateral triangles. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A big help for me since I failed more than once on Tripoli, because I was so much concentrated in creating all triangles equal that I disregarded the space between. So it didn’t went out to be a harmonic pattern, but rather ended up in a chaos.

What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things – the Bond…Every conflict that occurs – whether between husband and wife, social or racial groups – is resolved only when we can fully see and embrace the space – the Bond – between us.

Lynne McTaggart

The Bond – a fundamental need of human nature – if we wouldn’t have the sense of community the human race would never have survived. So one of our highest value should be cooperation – not competition. But still in todays society and culture the sense for our communal tendencies seems to be getting more and more lost. The feeling to be a lonely person on this lonely planet increases. But we all are a part of an universal energy field ,we are not separated, everything is connected everywhere and all times.

Nevertheless in this world dominates the opinion that we are autonomous people with an education that enforces independence and competition. Western society mostly sees us first of all as individual beings and after that as social beings – that creates separations, leeds to isolation and a maximum of consume. So, the more stuff we have, the more we want to preserve and protected.

But could that be human nature? No! We are cooperating, sympathetic and we are caring, this is in our DNS. We are born to be a community, born to respect each other and to care about each other. That is the way we are connected.

Already Darwin wrote in his first book of human nature that sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature. We are not as fast or strong as out primate relatives, so we are able to cooperate and take care of others. We sympathize with others – THAT is our nature. If we see someone suffer, we feel it, if we see someone happy, we feel it – it has to do with our mirror neurons. So even science shows us that we are all connected, we never where alone – we are always part of a greater whole.

When we start being conscious and welcome the idea that we are all in one and direct our lifes to it, we can change attitude. If we change our minds and perceptions – the world changes. Everyday and every tiny acts can build over a time a great movement. Why should that happen? It happens because you are concerned, I am concerned, we are concerned.

The truth of who we are is – we are, because we belong!
Desmond Tutu, Erzbischof von Kapstadt

Thanks for taking your time reading! And I recommend the book of Lynne MacTaggart ” The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe” and also reading some about Desmond Tutu!


“Tripoli Triptastic”(deutsch)


Die Diva gibt einen Supertip für diejenigen die Tripoli schwierig finden – also auch für mich! Es ist wichtiger, dass der Raum zwischen den Dreiecken gleich ist als der Versuch, die Dreiecke perfekt gleich zu zeichnen! Danke. Danke. Danke.

Eine große Hilfe, ich bin mehr als einmal gescheitert mit Tripoli, indem ich mich so auf die Gleichheit der Dreiecke konzentriert habe und den Zwischenraum dabei keine Beachtung geschenkt habe. So wurde daraus nicht unbedingt ein harmonisches Muster, sondern endete eher in einem Chaos.

Das was von Bedeutung ist, ist nicht das isolierte Dasein, sondern der Raum zwischen den Dingen, die Beziehung von Dingen zueinander – die Verbundenheit… Jeder Konflikt der erfolgt – egal ob zwischen Ehemann und Ehefrau, Gesellschaftsgruppen oder Rassegruppen – löst sich nur dann auf, wenn wir den Raum – die Verbundenheit – zwischen uns vollkommen sehen und annehmen können.

Lynne McTaggart

Verbundenheit – eine fundamentale Notwendigkeit und Bedürfnis der menschschlichen Natur – denn hätten wir nicht einen Sinn für Gemeinschaft, hätte die Menschheit nicht überleben können. Unser höchsten Werte sollten daher Kooperation sein, nicht Wettbewerb. Doch scheint das Gespür für diesen Gemeinschaftssinn in der heutigen Welt und Kultur verloren zu gehen. das Gefühl ein einsamer, alleingelassenrt Mensch auf diesem Planeten zu sein nimmt zu. Dennoch sind wir alle ein Teil eines universellen Energiefelds und nicht von einander abgegrenzt, alles ist miteinander verbunden, überall und jederzeit.

Trotzdem herrscht in unserer Welt die Vorstellung, dass wir alle voneinander unabhängige Individuen sind, erzogen zur Unabhängigkeit und Wettkampf. Daher tendieren gerade in der westlichen Kultur die Menschen dazu, sich in erster Linie als Individuum zu sehen und erst in zweiter Linie als ein soziales Wesen – das schafft Vereinzelung, führt schnell zur Isolation und maximalen Konsumverhalten. Je mehr wir besitzen, desto mehr wollen wir diesen Besitz erhalten und schützen.

Ist das wirklich die menschliche Natur? Nein! Unsere Genetik ist ausgerichtet auf Kooperation, Mitgefühl und das wir uns umeinander kümmern. Wir sind geboren als Gemeinschaft, geboren um auf uns zu achten, und uns zu kümmern. Das liegt in unserer DNA. Das der Weg wie wir verbunden sind.

Schon Darwin schrieb in seinem ersten Buch über die menschliche Natur, dass Mitgefühl eines der stärksten menschlichsten Instinkte ist. Wir sind nicht mehr so schnell oder so stark wie unsere Vorfahren, aber wir haben die Möglichkeit eine Gemeinschaft zu bilden und uns um andere zu kümmern. Wir fühlen mit anderen mit – DAS liegt in unserer Natur. Wir leiden wenn anderen Leid zugefügt wird und wir freuen uns wenn anderen Gutes widerfährt, dank unserer Spiegelneuronen. Die Wissenschaft zeigt, dass wir alle miteinander verbunden sind und auch schon immer verbunden waren – schon immer als Teil eines großen Ganzen.

Wenn wir beginnen unser Bewusstsein darauf auszurichten und die Idee annehmen, dass wir Eins sind und danach leben, können wir das jetzige Verhalten ändern. Wenn wir unsere Meinung und unsere Sichtweisen ändern – wird die Welt sich verändern. Jedes noch so winzige und gefühlt unbedeutende Handeln eines Einzelnen kann sich mit der Zeit in eine große Bewegung wandeln. Warum das passiert? Weil Du betroffen bist, ich betroffen bin, wir betroffen sind.

Die Wahrheit für unser Sein ist also – das wir zusammengehören!
Desmond Tutu, Erzbischof von Kapstadt

Vielen Dank, dass Ihr Euch Zeit genommen habt. Und wer mehr darüber wissen möchte, dem empfehle ich Lynne McTaggarts Buch ” Das Null-Punktfeld” und ebenso die Worte von Desmond Tutu.


It’s an ODD challenge

What a great idea! Friday we had the 13th of November 2015  –  11/13/15  – so Adele Bruno, CZT™ choose the 11th, 13th, and 15th tangles listed on

Acrosstick  by Ed Gucker, CZT
Afterglo  by Carole Ohl, CZT
Ahh by Maria Thomas, Zentangle® co-founder

and added in  It’s a String Thing challenge  Joyce Burns’TanglePatterns String 017



There we go with a continuous sequence of odd numbers.

When I saw the string and the the pattern my first thought was – interesting, a very organic string and pretty geometric pattern. Adele points out in her blog to keep in mind that string lines are suggestions and to let the patterns lead the way. But I liked the idea to have the contrast between this organic string and the geometric pattern. I had no idea how that could work out  –fortunatily I could free my mind and not thinking about it! So I just started tangling Afterglo. When I finished Afterglo the Ahh’s wanted to dance on the string – Ahhhh! – now I had my patterns following the string. Tangleing Acrosstick on the bottom gives Ahh a nice dancefloor. I think my patterns are happy now and so am I! And of course I like to mention – this week ist also “space” week. Well this is really pure chance, that this tile has lot of space on the top, it was not my intent – at least not consciously 😉