Beads of Courage

Weekly Challenge #319: „BEad INSPIRED“

This weeks Challenge #319 ist about the medicine program Beads of Courage, which helps kids with their story of chronic or life threatinig illnesses. The kids get those colored beads every time they have to go through a procedure or appointment or other special circumstances, so the beads tell their story of their medical journey. Each color of the beads stands for a different treatment or circumstance.

Laura „The Diva“ organized 5 years ago the first volunteer 5K Color Fun Run to support the programm and to raise money for the Beads of Courage programming in Saskatchewan. This year she ran the run with her whole family.

So, this week’s challenge is to BEad INSPIRED by Beads of Courage!  By the Color Run, or by whatever gives us Courage.

Laura has my full admiration, for all this things she does, like this Color Run, for her son and all the other kids that are in similar situations. So I dedicate my beads of courage to Laura, the Color Run and the whole program.

And because I couldn’t stopp tangling and didn‘t want to be limit by my tile 😉 I decided to tangle in my artjournal.



So have a beautiful and sunny week !