Zenuari Day 6: Alfatangle

Less options for more relaxation

There are so many beautiful tangles out there. So you can flip through hundreds of tangles before choosing one for your tile. Mostly I do it intuitive, not thinking to much about it. Just looking at a tangle and let my gut feeling decide. But what it also makes a lot more ZEN, just picking a letter and only use tangles with this letter. That is the prompt for todays tangle.

I chose the letter “S”, it is in both of my names and there are a lot of beautiful tangles starting with “S”.

Before tangling for Zenuari, I tangled my three tiles for the “travelling tangles project”, for this Swap we are asked only using tangles we never tangled before. That’s is were I tried Spoolies from Hanny Waldburger, CZT, it was so much fun, that I had to use it again. Actually I used also only new tangles on this tile. “Sea Wave”, “Sinchun”, “Spoolies” and “Spwan”. All tangles I will definitely use again.




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