Weekly Diva Challenge #251


“Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day”

Today; Sunday January 24, is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day.

Artoo, Laura’s 5.5 year old son, was diagnosted with Moebius Syndrom when he was born.

Moebius syndrome is a rare nonprogressive neurological condition that primarily affects the muscles that control facial expression, which means people cannot smile or frown, and do not have lateral eye movements.  because of the lack of facial expression a lot people with Moebius syndrome have social interaction and adjustment problems. It is so important to sensitize people to disorders like Moebius to make them a little more regardful, the social interaction is different, because there are no emotional facial expressions possible, but there are many in other signals like in body language. “Lachen mit dem Herzen” ( “smile/ laugh with the heart”) that is the claim of the German website Möbius Sydrom Deutschland e.V. I love that claim!

So this weeks challenge #251 is to raise awareness for this disorder. Using the Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s logo as string to create and the color for MSAD is Purple, if someone likes to add color.

I liked to add color, I love color! And I used tangled that starts with A (Arukas, Angle Fish) R (Rixty) T (Tipple) O (OOF)

A peaceful Sunday to everyone and don’t forget to smile with your heart, that is important to everyone.



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  • Besonder schön gezeignet und gefarbt, die Tangle Arukas macht ihre Zeignung ganz special!!!

    24. January 2016
  • Very nice work! I love the composition, especially how you combined the German slogan and Arukas. The white Rixty adds some interest too, being a dufferent and much brighter colour than the rest of the tile.
    And it seems like we had the same idea – I also chose tangles that start with the letters from Artoo’s name (others than you did, though). Still, my tile looks completely different – that’s what I love about Zentangle!

    24. January 2016
  • Oh, I absolutely love this composition, Simone! Beautiful tangling and I love the rich purple. I especially like how Rixty is used!

    24. January 2016
  • What a beautiful piece of work! The tangling is exquisite and I have to say that I love your post. So sensitive and heartfelt.

    24. January 2016
  • Annemarie

    Wow, Simone, this is GORGEOUS!!!! So elegant, organic and shiny! And I also love ‘smile with your heart’! A fantastic beginning of my Monday!

    25. January 2016